30% Emirati workforce for Dubai Metro


Dubi MetroSerco Middle East, operations and maintenance provider for Dubai Metro, will apply a 30% Emiratisation staffing policy on the world’s longest driverless automated railway system.

The metro has up to five different training and development schemes for nationals – from school leaver to operations management for degree holders.

“We find it strategically important to develop local talent, both to have a strong Emirati presence in our organisation, and to also develop capabilities for the future needs of the country,” said Paul Anderson, managing director of Serco Dubai Metro, at a recent facilities management conference.

“Our programme will form long lasting partnerships with the best universities, colleges and schools in Dubai and build a sustainable pipeline of local talent. As a result of our recruitment approach, the Dubai Metro will have an international reputation for excellence.”

Highlighting the role of FM throughout the rail network, Anderson continued: “One of the critical areas is to ensure we cover the concerns a customer may face when leaving the train station. We will be managing the access points to buildings and making sure the standards at, and in between, facilities are comparable. This is of paramount importance.

“We believe that our approach to recruiting and training ‘great people’ will serve the RTA and the people of Dubai in their journey to become one of the most unique cities of the world.”


Mar 10, 2009


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