3,740 complaints against paid parking system


Source:  www.khaleejtimes.com

ABU DHABI — Out of 23,708 calls dealt with by the Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi from October 2009 to October 2010, 3,740 were complaints from customers about Mawaqif, the paid parking system in the capital.

The department on Tuesday announced the official number of complaints that the department has dealt with since the launch of Mawaqif in October 2009.

Among complaints it received were objections to Mawaqif fines which amounted to an average of four per cent of fines annually, and had decreased to two per cent of the number of fines in the last three months, faring higher than international standards on 
this issue.

Mawaqif was launched in line with DoT’s strategy to address the parking problem in Abu Dhabi effectively, and provide solutions to the issue in accordance to global standards.

A number of media sources recently released inaccurate information regarding the number of customer complaints the DoT has received since the launch of Mawaqif, DoT clarified.

According to DoT, the total number of calls it received via the various available channels since the launch of the programme in October 2009 to October 2010 amounted to 23,708, of which 3,740 were complaints, 19,444 were enquiries and 524 were suggestions.

The department, in a statement, added that the total number of times Mawaqif services were used for the indicated period was 6,655,000, for an average of six complaints per 10,000 uses, which is low compared to international standards.

Eng. Najib Al Zarooni, General Manager of Parking at DoT, said: “Customer queries and concerns are considered of utmost importance to us, and are dealt with diligently and honestly.

‘‘We have a committee in place responsible for reviewing complaints and suggestions, which meets regularly to decide the best courses of action to take to guarantee the rights of customers.”



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