BRT Buses on Sadr Highway



According to Tehran SAMA, Jaafar Tashakori Hashemi, Deputy for Transportation and Traffic at Tehran Municipality said: “Given that there are no BRT bus lines available on northeast to northwest of Tehran, the need was seriously felt for development of public transportation and establishment of BRT bus lines on this direction. On this basis, construction of a corridor of BRT buses along the Sadr highway was put on the agenda.”

Tashakori Hashemi further remarked that the two-floor Sadr Highway and addition of transportation lines does not mean that we should give priority to private vehicles as it would violate the rights of citizens who do not use personal cars. In the large and national project of the two-floor Sadr Highway and Sadr-Niyayesh Tunnel the share of citizens who use public transportation should be taken into consideration. Therefore, in Sadr Highway one line has been allocated to BRT buses (on the ground floor at highway level) and by using the flyovers on the location of the stations passengers could gain access from both sides of the highway to the middle refuge.”

He added that the distance between pillars of the upper floor of the highway would be used for setting of bus stations and on each station a flyover would be installed enabling citizens from both sides of the highway to gain access to these stations. On the Sadr Highway a corridor of BRT buses would be established through which these buses would transport with different points of origin and destination. But, in some parts of the direction, that is to say along Sadr Highway, they have similar directions. The first phase of the BRT line starts from Shahid Mahalati Township and by passing through Sadr Highway runs towards Shahid Afshar.