Tehran Metro

The Tehran Metro is a rapid transit system in Tehran carrying 3 million passengers a day and consisting of five lines that run a total of 170 kilometres (110 mi) with two further lines under construction. The metro will have a final length of 430 kilometres (270 mi) once all nine lines are constructed by 2028. Metro services run from 5:30 to 23:00 throughout the city and the ticket price is 5,000 IRR ($0.17 USD).

Tehran Bus Rapid Transit

The Tehran Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a rapid transit system serving Tehran which was officially inaugurated in 2008. The BRT has a network of over 150 kilometres, transporting 1.8 million passengers on a daily basis. The BRT has a total of nine lines with a further expansion planned to bring the total length to 300 kilometres.

Mashhad Urban Railway

The Mashhad Urban Railway is urban rail line in Mashhad, construction on line one began in 1999 and was opened on 24 April 2011. Line two is currently under construction. Mashhad Urban Railway operates its single line from 6:30 to 21:30 daily. It has a daily ridership of 130 000 passengers and has a total length of 24 kilometres (14.9 mi).