Tehran Municipality to Cut Bluetooth Services in Subway


By www.mideasttime.com

Bluetooth is one of the most popular ways of sharing different type of files in Iran. It’s free and most devices support the feature. However from long time ago people started sharing of ‘immoral’ and spyware contents between each other. This has forced Tehran municipality to take action against these movements took place in Metro.

According to new statement released by Tehran Metro, all the Bluetooth frequencies will be cut in near future and the company will start sending ‘cultural’ contents to passengers. The pilot phase of this project will be examined in several busy stations. A company belonged to private sector has accepted to implement this idea.

The Tehran Metro is a rapid transit system serving Tehran, the capital of Iran. The system consists of 4 operational lines, with construction having begun on a further two lines in 2007. Tehran municipality has invested much money in Tehran’s Metro. Base on statistics, more than 4 billion trips were recorded during the last 15 years since Tehran Metro started its operation. It carries more than 2 million passengers a day. More info