Ticket Types

Seasonal credit cards: tickets which are valid for a limited period of time.

Stored value cards: tickets which bear a specified credit.

Magnetic tickets: tickets for a limited number of trips.

Seasonal Credit Cards

This type of ticket is valid for repeated trips in metro network during the ticket validity period. Passengers with such tickets can travel by trains and BRT buses as many as they wish.


If you buy 180 days credit card and have two trips a day, it will cost you about 800 Rls. Per trip for 360 trips.

If you buy one year credit card and have two trips a day on average, it will cost you 730 Rls. Per trip for 600 trips.

Seasonal Credit Cards Prices Table

180 days ticket – 290,000 Rls. No limitation in number and time of trips

One year ticket – 440,000 Rls. No limitation in number and time of trips

Stored Value Cards

When you use these cards, each trip fare will be deducted from your credit card . Passengers when make their exit should hold their cards near the control machine allowing deduction to be made proportional to travelling in metro according to the following 6-zone table, otherwise, in next trip the cost of longest trip (zone 6) will be deducted from the credit card .

6-zone table for stored valu cards

Ticket Type Trip zone distance Traveled Amount deducted from Ticket Credit when exiting (Rials)

From 20,000 to 400,000 Rls.

zone 1 0 to 10 Km 1150
zone 2 From 10 to 20 Km 1230
zone 3 From 20 to 30 km 1420
zone 4 From 30 to 40 km 1540
zone 5 From 40 to 50 km 1830
zone 6 From 50 to … 1830

Magnetic Tickets

Magnetic tickets are available in two types  i.e. single and double trip tickets. Passengers use these tickets with consideration to the number of trips printed on them regardless of trip distance.

Single trip magnetic tickets are in blue color sold at  3,000 Rls.

Double trip magnetic tickets are in orange color sold at 4.500 Rls.