Tickets FAQ

Seasonal Credit Cards:

This type of credit card is suitable for those who travel regularly.

With this credit card you won’t have to worry about calculation of ticket price and travel distance.

These credit cards are the cheapest and best for travelling by metro.

180-day, and one-year seasonal credit cards are rechargeable for times.

With seasonal credit card, you just have to check its validity.

Seasonal credit cards are not refundable.

Seasonal credit cards can be used by everyone but only by one person each time of use.

Timed 180-day and one-year credit cards are also usable for BRT buses.

Ticket validity begins from the first day of ticket use not from buying time.

Seasonal credit card holders are not required to hold their cards near the card reading machines on exit gates.

Stored Value Cards:

Stored value cards are more suitable for the passengers who make repeated trips on irregular times.

Even if stored value cards are not used for a long time, the credit will remain valid for later use.

You can buy a stored value card and charge it for times. You should not discard the card when it has no remaining credit.

Each card minimum price is 20,000 Rls. and it is recharged for at least 10,000 Rls.

Each card is sold for 5,000 Rls. as ticket price. So please keep the cards and charge them to help us provide better services.

Metro stored value cards are also valid for use in buses network and each time the approved price will be deducted from its credit.

Using stored value cards enjoy 60% discount compared with single-trip tickets

Seasonal and stored value cards are like bank notes which should be kept with care. The damaged or missed tickets are not changed by Metro Company.

Even if the tickets are not used for a long time, their credits will remain valid.

These tickets have no time limit and their credits will be deducted only when used.

These tickets are refundable and their remaining price will be returned to the passenger if not damaged.

Magnetic Tickets:

Magnetic tickets are recommended for the passengers who make rare trips on irregular times.

Magnetic tickets are the most expensive and the worst for travelling by metro.

Magnetic tickets are not rechargeable and refundable.

Magnetic tickets are not valid for use in buses network.